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Humidity? Heh heh—no.

Creativity? Getting warmer!

Humanity? Ohhhh, so much warmer!

humanivity: the act of being human and, in this case, exploring that humanity through creative expression. Our goal is to work with people who use their art as a means to demonstrate our connection with others. To start important conversations. To recognize and celebrate the beautiful power and frailties within every person. To use mindfulness not as a buzzword, but a constant practice of awareness that reveals possibilities of self, creativity, opportunities, and more.




The intent of humanivity is to champion all people as creative beings, and continue to help them discover the many facets of continued exploration.

Launched in 2018, humanivity has oodles of enticing media projects planned to set people in motion. As you scroll below, you'll see we're powering the release of a new book, one moment of a single day: essays.

That's not all, but it's the first, and we're pretty excited about it!


Please watch this space for more sparkly fresh initiatives.


Who wants to sit quietly on a hard chair while someone else lectures at them, instead of talking with them?




Each humanivity event is designed to be interactive, playing with participants and hoisting their ideas and discoveries up high. Fun, engaging, and personal, events tap into the curiosity, questions, and a-ha! moments of everyone involved, surfing a wave of connection that's never the same.


We'll have more details for you soon!

Book Cover.jpg

A spiritual conversation with a stranger in a grocery store. An uncomfortable encounter in a nail salon. An understanding of someone's personal and political journey. A tragedy shared among strangers. A frayed connection with someone with whom it never should have unraveled.


What does it mean to cultivate intimacy in everyday conversation? When does our shared humanity help us overcome conflict? How do we assign value to a person or situation in one moment, long after the opportunity has passed?


In this collaborative collection of essays and photography, Tracey L. Kelley and Lynne A. Kasey explore these pivotal moments, provide space for introspection, and raise awareness about how the interplay of connection and vulnerability expands our capacity to mindfully engage with the world around us.

Review the contact information below to reach out to humanivity about the book. Feel free to send a detailed note with your ideas and questions. Someone will get back to you within a day or so.  



Midwestern natives Tracey L. Kelley and Lynne A. Kasey use various people and places to inspire their artistic endeavors. humanivity is proud to represent their first creative collaboration.

Tracey L. Kelley shares stories, teaches yoga, and helps people listen. Her award-winning writing appears in a variety of forms, including essay, short story, online, magazine, broadcast, and podcast. She's a developmental editor for other people's projects, and also facilitates interpersonal communication workshops. Learn more at


Lynne A. Kasey has captured the world around her since she first received a 35mm camera at 19. She specializes in transfer techniques to incorporate her imagery through numerous mediums. Lynne's photography can be found at various galleries throughout the Midwest and in Shutterbug magazine. View more at

Download this electronic media kit for the book and authors.


Lynne and Tracey are delighted to meet with readers, writers, photographers, and other creative types!


The Des Moines Book Festival 

Sturgis Journal Shoreline Magazine

KFMG "Culture Buzz" with John Busbee


Iowa Public Radio "Talk of Iowa" with Charity Nebbe
Listen: "Reflection and Connection: New Essay Collection Shares Stories and Advice"

Raccoon River Reading Series
Beaverdale Books, Des Moines

Photo and Mixed Media Exhibit
White Pigeon Township Library

Independent Bookstore Day

Beaverdale Books

If you're  interested in having them come to you, we'd love to talk with you, learn more about what you do, and how we can collaborate on engaging activities and events.  

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