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one moment of a single day: essays | limited edition hardcover

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In this collaborative collection of essays and photography, Tracey L. Kelley and Lynne A. Kasey use their innovative aesthetics to explore pivotal moments, allowing for quiet observation and thoughtful awareness. This shared artistry creates space for reflection on the meaning of intimacy, and how the interplay of connection and vulnerability expands our capacity to mindfully engage with the world around us.

Each chapter's end allows a reader to pause, using Kasey's stunning imagery to delve deeper into a feeling, memory, or consideration motivated by Kelley's insightful attention to consciousness.

one moment also has an interactive component for workshops and reading groups, furthering the intent of soulful discussion and introspection displayed in the book.

This limited edition hardcover is an art book worthy of placement among your other favorite coffee table selections or given as a thoughtful gift.

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